My name is Margarida Patrão (which, literally translated to English, would be Daisy Boss haha). I am  a 26 years-old Portuguese girl, who practices kick-boxing and is currently working for a law firm.

When studying law, the subjects I was most interested in were fundamental rights, the European Union and international organizations. I have many dreams, but the one I want to accomplish the most is to work for an Human Rights Agency. I have been looking into what type of skills those agencies look for in an employee so that I can prepare myself accordingly.

It happens that the majority of the time (if not, always) they want someone who is able to communicate in various languages. This means that I can conjugate my love for learning languages and knowing about other cultures with my passion for the human rights defense and implementation.

This blog was created to serve as fuel to motivate me to push further.

Keeping track of my studies will also obligate me to acquire self-discipline.
Lack of self-discipline has been one of my greatest flaws. I am working on it and trying to scheduled daily-life because I have dreams to achieve.