Being this my first post, I will start by introducing myself and explain the reasons for creating this blog. 🙂

My name is Margarida Patrão (which, literally translated to English, would be Daisy Boss haha). I am  a 26 years-old Portuguese girl, who practices kick-boxing and is currently working for a law firm. When studying law, the subjects I was most interested in were fundamental rights, the European Union and international organizations. I have many dreams, but the one I want to accomplish the most is to work for an Human Rights Agency. I have been looking into what type of skills those agencies look for in an employee so that I can prepare myself accordingly.  It happens that the majority of the time (if not, always) they want someone who is able to communicate in various languages. This means that I can conjugate my love for learning languages and knowing about other cultures with my passion for the human rights defense and implementation.

Since I work 8 hours a day and also practice kickboxing, I don’t have time (nor money) for language classes. Waking up early is quite easy for me, so I decided to study by myself one hour each morning, before going to work. I wake up everyday at 5:50 a.m., I get my coffee ready and I study till 7 a.m. I was studying Korean, for fun, and English, as it’s been 8 years since the last time I really dedicated myself to that language. Sadly, there’s way too much I have forgotten, specially regarding grammar.

Since, most jobs I want to apply to, look for someone knowledgeable in 2 or 3 European languages, Korean studies have been put aside for now, and Spanish studies took their place on my schedule. I have never studied Spanish, nevertheless I can read it and I understand it perfectly (the pros of being a Portuguese native speaker). Last weekend, on Saturday, to be more exact, I started my relationship with this language. ❤

This post is getting way too big… so I am jumping straight to the conclusion, because I need to be in bed by 10 p.m., to be able to get my 8 hours of sleep.

This blog was created to serve as fuel to motivate me to push further. Keeping track of my studies will also obligate me to acquire self-discipline. Lack of self-discipline has been one of my greatest flaws. I am working on it, and trying to scheduled daily-life because I have dreams to achieve.

Right now my immediate goal is do pass the CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam).

I will try to translate every single post to Portuguese, so it can be useful for people studying my language.

It’s all for now. Bye bye





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